An illustration which was inspired by the 'Plant a Tree' poster I designed for Victoria Park, Bristol.

How apt

This was the title of my sketchbook publications. However,  this is far more relevant to my life at the moment!

Don't be so Nosey!

A small selection of nosey neighbours, more to come soon!
These images are all based on observations and overheard events in Victoria Park, Bristol. 

Come Plant a Tree!

As part of my self directed study I was asked to produce a poster for a local event in Victoria Park. 
Hopefully this is the first of many posters to come!



One of the last projects I did was to produce a series of posters based on the theme of resistance. I based it on men's resistance to women's empowerment. These are a few of the people I used on the posters, which I will upload later.


I have given my self one task to do everyday, draw a piece of type! This is my attempt at getting better at it!! And hopefully this will help me to produce my own hand drawn type!


One aspect of my work is to get to know my neighbors. I spent a long time deliberating about how to do this and then one day someone suggested sending them all a christmas card! So I did, all 37 houses! (I obviously did this when it was christmas time!) But I wanted to grab people's attention so I also set about making every house a set of two gingerbread men decorations! Thank You Fran for all your help!

I think it was quite successful I received about 14 cards back! And even some chocolate coins from one house and someone even made us three mini stocking decorations in return! Its nice to see that the community spirit is completely dead!


One project I have decided to take on is based on the benches in the park.
I think that benches are an important aspect of any park. It gives people a place to rest, eat lunch, sit and chat with a friend or gives people a place to just be with their own thoughts.
I have decided to try and sit on every bench in the park and spend about 10 to 15 minutes just observing. Taking some time to think and simply observe. These are just drawings I have done of some of the benches so far. I plan to create a book with my observations and thoughts.


So I have been appalling at keeping this up to date. This is going to change!

So I shall put up a few bits and bobs thats I have been up to so far this year. ENJOY

So this year, we have been left to our own devices and have been given complete freedom on what we want to do. I have decided to base my body of work on my local area, Victoria Park, BRISTOL. So far I have been looking at my street and the park which is at the bottom of it. By the end of this project I want to know everything I can possibly know about my area.

This year I want to go back to my roots and do what I love, and that means drawing! so keep your eyes out for lots and lots of drawings (well hopefully!)