One aspect of my work is to get to know my neighbors. I spent a long time deliberating about how to do this and then one day someone suggested sending them all a christmas card! So I did, all 37 houses! (I obviously did this when it was christmas time!) But I wanted to grab people's attention so I also set about making every house a set of two gingerbread men decorations! Thank You Fran for all your help!

I think it was quite successful I received about 14 cards back! And even some chocolate coins from one house and someone even made us three mini stocking decorations in return! Its nice to see that the community spirit is completely dead!


  1. This is bloody brilliant. Zara keep your blog up to date. I never know what work your doing and it sounds/looks awesome.

  2. These are so pretty and tasty looking! good work with the 14 replies!

  3. I did something like this for a project except I gave them all cups of sugar! Well done for getting 14 replies tho